Who We Are

The A-Team is a grassroots, non profit charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for local children and veterans during times of need and/or illness.  The A-Team is not a motorcycle club we are a team of passionate dedicated Patriots which consists of local families, friends, businesses and organizations and everyday citizens who come together to “BUILD EACH OTHER UP” one mission at a time.


Our benefits are held multiple times per year and consist of music, food, drink and fun activities for the whole family.  For each benefit our committee chooses a child/family and /or veterans organization.  Our goal is to raise awareness to their plight and to give them financial and emotional support during a difficult time and create a day full of priceless memories by having an event, concert, MC ride, picnic, fall festival, pig roast, you name it. There really is no one specific illness, tragedy, or misfortune that we focus on for any given “Call To Order”. We as a Team and a group never take the most popular missions. We are all personally involved in our own community service and have many first responders on the streets who know when and where someone in our community needs immediate assistance. We are the in the streets walking, running or riding hand in hand and side by side the person or family that we are pulling for.


Our goal as A Team has no end, there is no finish line. Our vision for this group of people is to get the most out of our lives. We see the A Team as a way of life not a part time job. We all accelerate each other's thinking, we try to instill “HOPE” where there may be none, we try to instill healing for those that may be broken, there is no judgment here. More than a charity or an association, this group is more like a family. A-Teamers socialize together, pray for one another, constantly look out for each other and each other's children. We are not your typical charitable organization, we are off the cuff, we are passionate, we believe in what we fight for and we will fight for someone that cannot fight for themselves. Being an -A-Teamer means that you are A Team all the time, not by donating money or just giving some advice but by leading others by your example, standing for something and standing by your word.